Connecting Through Shared Experiences

It’s time to unlock a world of joy and friendship with Finding Yellow’s group-based community, Social Circles.

Are you ready to:

  • Get out and about?
  • Be social and connect with others?
  • Make new friends and life-long memories?
  • Try new things?
    Well, it’s time to get out your favourite yellow marker and fill your calendar with fun events!

Our Social Circles are a safe and welcoming environment to build connections, learn new skills, and have fun. From game nights to art classes, we offer a variety of group activities to suit everyone’s interests. Our experienced staff provide support and guidance to ensure that all individuals feel included and able to participate.

At Finding Yellow, we run group-based activities on weekday evenings and weekends, including social dinners, ten-pin bowling, live music and concerts, day trips and an array of live events, including musicals, comedy shows and more!

Let’s do it – enquire today!

You had me at yellow!

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