Finding Yellow was created
through the power of community.

In 1978, a group of local parents came together with one goal: to improve care and support services for people with disabilities in the Hunter Region.

As parents of children with disabilities, they recognised that existing services were insufficient and needed to change. They were determined to provide their children and future generations with the quality support they deserved as valuable members of society.

Their vision was fuelled by the ongoing commitment and dedication of the Hunter Community and tireless fundraising efforts. In 1982, the Cessnock Hostel was founded, finally providing much-needed support to local residents with disabilities. Finding Yellow is a testament to a handful of determined parents who were curious, passionate and hopeful.

Today, Finding Yellow empowers the community. The Cessnock Hostel continues to provide accommodation and low-level support to people with disabilities, helping to increase their independence and confidence. We offer extensive disability support services to the local Hunter Region.


Becoming Finding Yellow

In 2013, our organisation was renamed “Finding Yellow”.

Finding Yellow is working towards a goal, a light or an idea to better the lives of those with a disability.

Simply put, we want to provide support for a brighter future for people of all abilities. We want to help you find the light and the sunshine in life.

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To empower people to realise their full potential


Inclusion for people of all disabilities


A picture of Finding Yellow's Vision, Purpose and Values. Values include Heart, Courage, Respect, Integrity and Collaboration.

Why Finding Yellow

Finding Yellow is more than just a quality care NDIS provider.

We are a movement towards empowering people to realise their potential. Founded from a vision of a small group of local parents to improve care and support services for people with a disability, Finding Yellow is the epitome of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

Finding Yellow…

  • Represents a world of greater possibility.
  • Stands up for inclusion and equality.
  • is defined by heart, courage and resilience.
  • Embraces change, challenges perception and thrives on curiosity.

We are passionate about the daily changes and differences we make for our clients and participants. We are a small, agile organisation that can respond to each person and ensure their needs are met. We aim to instill confidence and build long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust.

We pride ourselves on being nothing short of remarkable, which happens when you genuinely care.

Finding Yellow offers a full range of services, from Supported Independent Living to Specialist Disability Accommodation, community drop-in support to social outings and holidays, to teaching life skills and helping people to achieve goals in every aspect of life.

The only way to know our differences is to come and experience them or ask our existing clients and participants. 

The Leads

Sam Sooialo


Jennifer Dowler


Jordan Field


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