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Our supported accommodation service can provide you with a place to call home.

We've opened the doors to a number of houses throughout the Hunter Region that provide long-term accommodation and high quality care for a small group of people requiring additional assistance or around-the-clock support. 

Each house provides a supportive environment and a place for you to grow your independence and discover a self-confidence that will empower you to learn new skills and achieve your goals!




Each of us is unique with specific needs and aspirations.

One of the many important roles that we have at Finding Yellow is helping you to access the support and services required to meet your specific needs. 

Our involvement can start at the very beginning of your journey by identifying and linking you to the services that will assist you. Or our team can come in later on and assist by coordinating your current service providers and helping to build your formal support avenues.

Our goal is to build your support network and help you to develop connections in your community that are critical or important to you.



Beyond working with you to achieve your long-term goals, we can also provide assistance with many of the tasks involved in day-to-day living.

From helping you to shower or dress for the day to preparing and eating meals, from doing your grocery shopping to paying your bills, this service is designed to make every day that little bit easier.



Finding Yellow can help you to find a meaningful workplace and a job that you feel passionate about.

Our staff will work with you to identify any unique needs, goals or aspirations that you have and create a pathway to a job to match those requirements.

We will also work with the employer to ensure they can make the most of the new and diverse range of skills and talents that you offer.




Much of what we do at Finding Yellow is centred on helping you to live safely, independently and happily in your own home.

One of the many ways we can do this is by providing assistance with your household tasks, including cleaning your home, vacuuming, dusting and doing your laundry.

Beyond providing assistance to make every day easier for you, we can also provide coaching to help you to confidently take on those tasks yourself.



Our life skills service will help you to live more independently. 

We will work beside you to create goals and aspirations for the skills that will benefit you the most and help you to discover the confidence and means to carry them out whenever needed. 

The life skills we empower our clients to learn cover important aspects of daily life, such as travelling around your community by public transport, cooking, cleaning, using money or exercising, and are unique to every individual.



We understand that managing our own money is something that many people struggle with.

We will work with you to create a budget that helps you to reach your saving goals and covers off all of your bills and expenses.

Through tips, information and support, you will find managing your money on a daily basis will become easy.



Living in shared accommodation offers many benefits. Beyond providing a comfortable and affordable place to call home, shared living creates a space to build new friendships, learn new skills and access ongoing support. 

If finding your own space and making new friends sounds like something you would enjoy, we encourage you to get in touch.



Our travel and transport assistance opens the doors to a world of possibilities.

We offer safe, convenient and flexible transport so that you can access the recreational, education, employment and support services you desire either as a one-off or on a regular basis.