Welcome Tony!

A new housemate with an amazing smile

This year we welcomed Tony. This was a big move for Tony as he has lived at home with his mum and dad for his whole life.

Tony has been keen to develop his independence. He loves helping others and is learning how to use public transport to get to work at Caloola. A bonus for Tony is that he now shares a flat with his best mate Shannon.

Tony’s favorite activity is bowling, which he participates in weekly with his housemates. 


Since moving from his family home into Hutton St in October 2009, we have watched him flourish.

Far from holding him back, Stephen approached his everyday challenges with determination and pride. His goals were to achieve employment, participate in his community and create a pathway to independence. Stephen uncovered his confidence by chasing these dreams and he has inspired us all.

Stephen plays an active part in his community with assistance from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT, our Finding Yellow support workers and the Endeavour Group He participates in activities and events and proactively uses Public Transport. His dream of getting his first job is now a reality and now he works four days a week, a commitment he is very passionate about.

Stephen has shown an outstanding commitment to independence at home and his life skills continue to grow every day. In fact, Stephen’s abilities have set him on a new path in his journey, one that will see him transition into independent living within the community. Congratulations Stephen!

Stephen’s family are so proud of what he has achieved and share that “he is a very different man to what he was when he first moved to Hutton St. It’s wonderful to see how happy and proud of himself he is!”

Stephen has truly encouraged us all to set and work hard to achieve our goals. Anything is possible!

Sharing the yellow moments of the clients is something that we take great pride in at Finding Yellow. It takes courage for the clients to overcome the challenges that they individually face and yet they continually surprise us with their willpower and achievements.


You will always find Lisa with a bright smile and consideration to take the time to ask how you are.

Lisa has lived at the Hutton St Home for around five years now. When she first moved in, she was completely dependent on her father and sisters to look after her, she lacked the confidence to participate in the community and she had never worked. 

The daily tasks like cooking, cleaning or just getting around that we sometimes take for granted have been all the more difficult for Lisa. Like any person we work with, Finding Yellow focused on individualising supports for Lisa. She set her own goals and aspirations, then we worked with her to help achieve them. We helped to increase her confidence, self esteem and awareness of her own abilities. We worked with her to build her independent living and life skills, such as cooking, cleaning and maintaining her own room and travelling to and from her work place safely and independently. 

Lisa has truly inspired us. 

Lisa has made huge strides towards her independence and both her family and Finding Yellow staff are rewarded daily by her achievements. 

Lisa now works 3 days each week in the Laundry at Endeavour Group and recently obtained her Certificate II in Laundry Operations. Congratulations Lisa!!! 

Lisa lives a healthy lifestyle through better food choices and regular exercise. She contributes to domestic duties, cooks for the household on a weekly basis with the support of a staff member and actively participates in the fortnightly house meetings and training. 

One of Lisa’s goals was to go out for a cup of her favourite “hot brew” independently. With training, support and encouragement, Lisa has now achieved this goal. Every Saturday morning, Lisa takes a taxi to one of the local cafes where she enjoys socialising with the friendly staff over a cup of coffee. Full of smiles, Lisa returned home stating “I love it, I finally get to do what I want to”.