Water for Purpose Workshop

We all recently had the privilege of participating in the Water for Purpose Workshop with Being More Human.

 The workshop was about all of us connecting to a sense of purpose – our WHY? We built something that had a purpose for a specific customer. In doing this we had various team dynamics at play and we experienced the importance of engaging with the customer, the importance of quality of the end product and more importantly connecting with our purpose and seeing that what we do is meaningful and that this is so much more possible as a TEAM. It raised learning orientation to quality, authentic leadership, the Importance of a unified shared vision, purpose driven work, the importance of planning and more critically mindfulness at work or in task.

We created artworks to represent the product which will form an art installation for the office wall and represent the greater purpose we connected too, on the day, and the contribution we made to have a global impact. We are also tracking our products WW2637h, WW2638h, WW2636h, WW2639h, if you wish follow the journey https://3billionstories.com/