Mary Marks makes Special Olympics Debut

Mary was invited as one of the 7500 athletes to attend the Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi 2019 held 14 – 21 March 2019. The games theme - Meet the Determined.

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Mary proudly represented Australia as one of the 190 countries and in her specialist field of bowling along with another 24 Sports held at the Olympics.

Mary has been playing bowls for 38 years and she is delighted to have competed at this level and to win the trifecta of medals to bring home a gold, silver and bronze. Mary enjoyed sharing the experience with her sister, her team and the cultural experience that visiting Abu Dhabi offered.

Australian was represented across 11 sports with 106 athletes, resulting in a tally of 42 gold, 44 silver & 55 bronze.

Mary congratulations on your wonderful achievement to represent Australia and to be honoured with 3 medals #yellowmoments #meetthedetermined #inclusion #AbuDhabi2019

Other detail:

  • Mary is 54yrs old and has been living in supported accommodation for the past 4yrs.

  • Mary has been playing bowls for 38yrs.

  • She was chosen and competed in the Special Olympics in Abu Dubai.

  • She won 1x Silver in the Singles, 1x Bronze in the Doubles, 1x Bronze in Team

  • Mary said she had a wonderful time over there and enjoyed the cultural experience.

  • Mary stated she loves playing bowls and loves the socialisation.

  • The Australian team and coach (Mary Grigg) said Mary did really well.

  • Mary wishes her Mum and Dad could’ve been there to see her play (they have passed away) however her sister Julie was there and that was very special.

  • Mary also said that she was very upset that staff couldn’t go with her (lol) and that she missed all the staff while she was away.